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Dr Binkowski is the best! She helped me when I was running a marathon and I injured my foot. Her skills put me back on track!
Thank you!!    

Sandra D

I was competing for a crossfit competition and I hurt my low back. I came to see Dr. Michelle and she not only healed my back but also helped me increase my lifts which helped me place in the competition. Great work Doc!         

Jonathon K.

I have seen chiropractors all my life for my scoliosis. But I was still suffering. I came to see Dr. Binkowski a few months ago and she figured out something that no other chiropractor did. She balanced my pelvis and taught me exercises that have helped me more than anyone else. I cant thank you enough. I am so glad I found you!! 
Elizabeth J.

Heading 1

Heading 1

After getting rear ended in a car accident, I went to see Dr. Binkowski. She really helped me get out of pain. She was very caring and took the time to explain everything to me. She has laser and therapies that others don’t which really help to take my pain away. I trust her with my family as well. She is amazing.
Cindy A.

This is a list of only some of the professional athletes I have helped.

World Strongest Man Competitors
Olympic Power Lifters
Olympic Swimmers
Olympic Runners
Olympic Gymnast
Professional Stuntman
Competitive Cyclists
Seal Fit Team
Cross Fit Competitors
Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Players
Buffalo Sabers Hockey Players
San Diego Padres Players
San Diego Chargers Players
Professional Boxing
Professional Race Car Drivers
Professional Skateboarders
Professional Surfers
Professional Soccer Players
Famous Martial Artists
Foreign Diplomats
American Gladiators


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